Weekend Sports Car Hire

sports car girlIf you’re like us, weekends are usually for relaxing or else doing something social. How many times have you thought – “what can I do this weekend that will be fun”, or “what can I do this weekend that will be different – I do the same thing every weekend” or similar?

Well usually most people DO like doing something different and not the “same ol’, same ol’…”. SO what to do? Once you’ve been to the beach a few times you can get bored with it, going to the football is pretty usual, and then going to the water park in summer can do it for some people. How about renting an amazing sports car for the weekend? This can be a fantastic and fun way to spend your weekend. Better still, you can combine the sports car rental with a weekend away, and drive a great sports car to an outlying beach or to country towns you have never visited. Or you can stay in a fancy hotel for the night half-way through the trip. The possibilities are endless. Many sports car hire companies will allow you to pick up the car on Friday afternoon and drop it off on Monday morning – that way you get the full weekend and can take off on Friday night.

Try it out we think you’ll like it!