Sports Car Rental Traps

Sports car rental is increasing year on year in Sydney and most Australian capital cities. The big draw of speeding along a freeway in a beautiful piece of machinery certainly appeals to most men; and a fair few women too. As the popularity of sports car hire increases, so do the risks. Those risks are principally placed upon the hirer, not the car rental company, so it is useful to be aware of the potential downsides in renting a sports car.

So what are the main things to look out for when hiring?

Here’s a short list:

  • Car Extras and hidden fees

Make sure that before you sign a car rental contract that you carefully look at all fees that might be paid. Sometimes people are caught out when they discover that there is ‘pick up’ or delivery fee if they don’t collect at the car hire firm, where the firm didn’t state upfront that there would of course be a fee for that. Fees are inevitable- just check that they are all disclosed!

  • Excess fees

Possibly the biggest issue, please make sure that you carefully look at any excess payable in the event of accident whilst you are hiring. Sometimes there will be an extra excess if the driver is under 25 as well. If you are certain about the potentially huge excess, you can decide if you want to hire, or check that your credit card covers excess fees etc.. Best to be sure than sorry.

  • Fuel and rental return time

Make sure that you are fully aware of the fuel issue before leaving – do you need to replace the full tank of fuel before you drop the car back, or is it covered by the hire charge? Also make careful note of the return time- there can be a whole days extra fee involved if you return the vehicle past the allotted return time – that could be $400 to $600 so be attentive!

  • Tolls

Are you covered for tolls- in Sydney there are many tollways so make sure you are covered before you drive off.

Mostly common sense prevails. If you check everything carefully and are aware of your obligations, then you will enjoy your sports car rental in every way.