Sports Car Hire in Sydney

Renting a luxury car or sports car has always been a hit and miss affair. Most companies who rent sports cars have been ‘high end’ firms who charged huge prices with onerous conditions and extra fees. On the other end of the scale were small ‘fly by night’ operators who had one or two cars that were often in need of mechanical repair or were close to unroadworthy. Australian Prestige Vehicles aims to fill the gap between these two extremes by providing a good range of sports cars that are in fantastic condition mechanically, that cost far less to rent than the usual high fees.

Ferrari 360 spider sports car rental Sydney side angleA Ferrai 360 Spider or a Mereceds SLK 350 are brilliant cars to rent, as are the other vehicles in the Sydney Sports Car Rental range. A popular car is the Porsche Boxster, and the AC Cobra Roadster is a constant favourite for a weekend fling. Our clients come from all backgrounds and have different needs. Some clients want to test out a particular car before buying one, and many rent the sports car for the weekend as reward for gaining a new promotion or some other important event.

One of the most popular requests we receive is for gift cards, which is one of our specialties. Many people feel that giving a gift of one weekend with a top of the range sports car is a great idea, and we agree. Gift certificates can be made out to your friend or colleague for any car and for any time of day or range of dates. Australian Prestige Vehicles is proud to present a great range of sports car hire across Sydney for all occasions.