New Ferrrari for the 2013 Formula 1 Season

A great post about the new Ferarri – the F138 – being ready for the 2013 Formula season, which kicks off in Melbourne next month. We are curious to see how Ferrari will go and if they can better their 2nd placing in the constructors championship last year. All we can so is… 'Go Ferrari!' and best of luck to the team. In the meantime, our Sydney folk who would like to have a taste of driving a maginificent Ferrari, can rent our fabulous Ferrari 360 Moddena


The 2013 Formula One racing season begins March 17 at Albert Park in Melbourne in front of a crowd likely to include around 330,000 race fans at the Australian Grand Prix. With only minor changes made in the Formula One regulations for this year, the differences between the F2012 and Ferrari's 2013 entry, the F138, are evolutionary rather than revolutionary. But even though the casual eye will not perceive a great deal of difference in the F138, most of the parts and systems have been revised to maximize performance while maintaining Ferrari's admirable reliability.

Beginning with the external elements, the widely-hated stepped nose of the F2012's front air intake has been partially blocked off on the F138 by a “vanity panel,” which is claimed to improve the aerodynamics of the car as well as its appearance. However, the most significant changes are found at the rear of the car, which is narrower and more tapered than the F2012….More at Ferrari introduces new F138 for 2013 Formula One season