Ferrari Sports Cars

The Ferrari is one f the most iconic sports cars. Not only great fun to watch, but also brilliant to drive. Our Ferrari's at Sydney Sports Car Rental are magnificent examples of this amazing brand. Here are a few pieces of great Ferrari stories..  



Formula One's walking record book Michael Schumacher has been made an honorary citizen of Spa. And why not? He debuted there, won his first race there, sealed a title there, and is poised to join the 300-club - at Spa.
"Spa is like my living room; for me, it's clearly the number one race track in the world," Schumacher said ahead of the race. "It's uncanny how I always seem to have special moments there - my debut, my first win, a world championship victory and many great races."...More at Schumacher's Spa milestones, from zero to 300 - Deutsche Welle

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