A great post about the new Ferarri – the F138 – being ready for the 2013 Formula season, which kicks off in Melbourne next month. We are curious to see how Ferrari will go and if they can better their 2nd placing in the constructors championship last year. All we can so is… 'Go Ferrari!' and best of luck to the team. In the meantime, our Sydney folk who would like to have a taste of driving a maginificent Ferrari, can rent our fabulous Ferrari 360 Moddena


The 2013 Formula One racing season begins March 17 at Albert Park in Melbourne in front of a crowd likely to include around 330,000 race fans at the Australian Grand Prix. With only minor changes made in the Formula One regulations for this year, the differences between the F2012 and Ferrari's 2013 entry, the F138, are evolutionary rather than revolutionary. But even though the casual eye will not perceive a great deal of difference in the F138, most of the parts and systems have been revised to maximize performance while maintaining Ferrari's admirable reliability.

Beginning with the external elements, the widely-hated stepped nose of the F2012's front air intake has been partially blocked off on the F138 by a “vanity panel,” which is claimed to improve the aerodynamics of the car as well as its appearance. However, the most significant changes are found at the rear of the car, which is narrower and more tapered than the F2012….More at Ferrari introduces new F138 for 2013 Formula One season




Here's a great article in Drive about what to look for in buying a second hand Porsche Boxster. It outlines the pro's and con's in all Boxster models from 1998 tp 2003, and also lists what you can expect to pay for each model based on model type and year.

The article makes a good point of having a pre-purchase inspection, as well as making sure that the original keys are supplied – they cost a fortune to replace.

Read more here – http://theage.drive.com.au/used-car-reviews/usedcar-review–porsche-boxster-20130117-2cuot.html

From autoevolution.com comes this great article about the new Porsche Cayman, unveiled at the LA Auto Show. We love the Porsche Turbo, which is one of our best renting sports cars…


Porsche has officially revealed the second generation Cayman at the LA Auto Show, a car which we showed you over the weekend testing at night in Stuttgart. The same German spotter, DrGumoLunatic, has also sent us the second video of the replacement for the 911 Turbo.

We’re pretty much sure we’re not getting this wrong, it’s a simple 911 Turbo, or some similar variant. But yes, it’s got central-locking wheels, just like a GT3 RS would. Not even the mighty GT2 had this feature on the 997, and it’s kind of surprising to see it on a luxury Porsche.

The 911 Turbo will have of turbos, three of them in fact, added to the 3.8-liter block and ensuring an output of about 550 PS. The new turbo will work towards improving low-end response to give the car an edge over the GT-R. Rumor has it, the PDK will also be updated, and four-wheel steering might be introduced….More at 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo Spied Testing in Stuttgart [Video] – autoevolution


stuff.co.nz reports that a new variation on the Mini Cooper is coming out- The Paceman. It's an interesting, and slightly tongue-in-cheek read which we hope you will find interesting. It's a solid four seater, with many variations within the new model and this is really a great source of info..


With a hatch, coupe, roadster, cabriolet, wagon and soft- roader already in showrooms, Mini has scratched about in its array of hardware and design sketches to create the Paceman, which in simple terms is what you'd get if you put the company's Countryman and Hatchback together in a blender.

Mini even calls the car the first member of a brand new segment it has invented by producing the Paceman which we're told is a “Sports Activity Coupe” the sort of Mini we've been crying out for because of its very absence in the lineup. Not.

BMW Mini paints a picture of the car as having “powerful, dynamically stretched coupe lines and hallmark Mini go-kart feeling teamed up with the exclusive ambience of its variable-usage interior”. Whatever that means.

Anyway, the company wants the Paceman to be a pioneer in the urban environment – “one whose character is vividly imbued with the innovative and inimitable style of the British premium brand.”…More at Yet another Mini – Stuff.co.nz

Urban cars // Image and Style // Personality // MINI COOPER // SEOUL // SOUTH KOREA

A great article About the new M model of the great BMW X5. We have two great BMWs for rental here – X3 and the X5 turbodiesel. The X5 is one of those all-time great German vehicles – fantastic luxury and appointments, combined with brilliant engineering and power…

Only a day after we showed you a video of BMW's “super” SUV doing the rounds on the Nürburgring, our man with the photographic lens caught another prototype affording us a motionless view of the next X5 M. 

But how do we know for sure that this is indeed the “M” model and not one of the lower powered versions of the F15 (that's BMW's internal code for the next X5)?

Well, the large alloy wheels draped in extra beefy low profile tires, along with the huge brake discs and mainly, the twin tailpipes on both corners of the rear diffuser, are all typical traits of BMW's M series of models.…More at Spy Shots: Next Generation of BMW's Twin-Turbo X5 M SUV

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X5 - BMW Performance Center

Image by hyku via Flickr

The Ferrari is one f the most iconic sports cars. Not only great fun to watch, but also brilliant to drive. Our Ferrari's at Sydney Sports Car Rental are magnificent examples of this amazing brand. Here are a few pieces of great Ferrari stories..  



Formula One's walking record book Michael Schumacher has been made an honorary citizen of Spa. And why not? He debuted there, won his first race there, sealed a title there, and is poised to join the 300-club - at Spa.
"Spa is like my living room; for me, it's clearly the number one race track in the world," Schumacher said ahead of the race. "It's uncanny how I always seem to have special moments there - my debut, my first win, a world championship victory and many great races."...More at Schumacher's Spa milestones, from zero to 300 - Deutsche Welle

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The Mercedes SLK350 is one of the legendary sports cars. Whilst generally agreed that the SLK350 is brilliant model in the long line of Mercedes’ masterpieces, they never stand still and are always refining and improving the model. Here is some great information about the next generation, and what the engineers and Mercedes designers are up to..


According to recent international reports, the new 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK350 AMG will get a naturally-aspirated 5.5-litre V8. The engine will be based on the new twin-turbo unit seen in the new CL63 AMG.

Retaining the twin-turbo setup would have placed the new SLK ahead of the SL in terms of performance, so Mercedes-Benz have had to remove the turbochargers. Another reason the turbochargers will be removed is because they would make the hand-built engine a lot more difficult to shoehorn into the small sports drop-top.

The new unit won’t be a fresh engine just for the sake of it though. Mercedes-Benz engineers have been hard at work to reduce the overall emissions of the AMG version compared to the outgoing model. Average fuel economy is said to be rated as low as 7.0L/100km, while CO2 emissions will be 199g/km.

Helping the new SLK55 achieve these figures will be the addition of stop-start technology as standard, as well as a unique new technology to Mercedes-Benz inspired by F1 engineering called the AMG Cylinder Management. This system cuts off four cylinders in certain situations where ultimate torque and power isn’t required. As soon as the accelerator or engine loads reach a point, all eight cylinders are seamlessly fired back up….More at 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG to get new 5.5L V8 | CarAdvice


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sports car girlIf you’re like us, weekends are usually for relaxing or else doing something social. How many times have you thought – “what can I do this weekend that will be fun”, or “what can I do this weekend that will be different – I do the same thing every weekend” or similar?

Well usually most people DO like doing something different and not the “same ol’, same ol’…”. SO what to do? Once you’ve been to the beach a few times you can get bored with it, going to the football is pretty usual, and then going to the water park in summer can do it for some people. How about renting an amazing sports car for the weekend? This can be a fantastic and fun way to spend your weekend. Better still, you can combine the sports car rental with a weekend away, and drive a great sports car to an outlying beach or to country towns you have never visited. Or you can stay in a fancy hotel for the night half-way through the trip. The possibilities are endless. Many sports car hire companies will allow you to pick up the car on Friday afternoon and drop it off on Monday morning – that way you get the full weekend and can take off on Friday night.

Try it out we think you’ll like it!

It’s a fact that not everyone can buy their own sports car. Not only is it a luxury or simply an extravagant want but availing one can be very expensive, most people just don’t have that much cash to spend on high-end types of car. So what can you do when you want to explore a gorgeous city like Sydney in, let’s say, a Ferrari or Porsche Boxster? Or even in a Mini Cooper Cabrio or a BMW Z4 Roadster? Easy, rent a sports car!

For a day or two (or more), you can go around Sydney riding a prestige car, making you feel like you are worth a million bucks! And yet you don’t have to spend, not even half, of what the actual cost of a sports car would be.

But the dilemma now is where can you rent a sports car? Worry not because there are a lot of businesses doing sports car hire in Sydney. You just have to figure out one that provides the best services and a range of high quality, beautifully maintained, unique prestige vehicles that’s fun, sophisticated, to outright sexy. And a great place would be the Australian Prestige Vehicles: Sydney Sports Car Rental.mercedes hire

Simply choose a sports car from the catalog of fleets, from the totally elegant Mercedes AMG to the super high-speed Porsche Turbo you can pick anything according to what suites your tastes best. Then contact them and confirm the booking.

For a day or two (even more), the car is all yours to show off. Imagine what you can do with it when you’re in Sydney. You can attend to business meetings, go hopping to the hottest events or parties in town, go and visit Sydney’s tourists’ attractions, or just go on a road trip with a loved one feeling every bit of the treat you well-deserve.

Nothing is wrong with dreaming. But if there’s a way to make that dream come true, ride and drive a sports car for a day, then delay no more because a sports car rental in Sydney is only a call away.

Sports car rental is increasing year on year in Sydney and most Australian capital cities. The big draw of speeding along a freeway in a beautiful piece of machinery certainly appeals to most men; and a fair few women too. As the popularity of sports car hire increases, so do the risks. Those risks are principally placed upon the hirer, not the car rental company, so it is useful to be aware of the potential downsides in renting a sports car.

So what are the main things to look out for when hiring?

Here’s a short list:

  • Car Extras and hidden fees

Make sure that before you sign a car rental contract that you carefully look at all fees that might be paid. Sometimes people are caught out when they discover that there is ‘pick up’ or delivery fee if they don’t collect at the car hire firm, where the firm didn’t state upfront that there would of course be a fee for that. Fees are inevitable- just check that they are all disclosed!

  • Excess fees

Possibly the biggest issue, please make sure that you carefully look at any excess payable in the event of accident whilst you are hiring. Sometimes there will be an extra excess if the driver is under 25 as well. If you are certain about the potentially huge excess, you can decide if you want to hire, or check that your credit card covers excess fees etc.. Best to be sure than sorry.

  • Fuel and rental return time

Make sure that you are fully aware of the fuel issue before leaving – do you need to replace the full tank of fuel before you drop the car back, or is it covered by the hire charge? Also make careful note of the return time- there can be a whole days extra fee involved if you return the vehicle past the allotted return time – that could be $400 to $600 so be attentive!

  • Tolls

Are you covered for tolls- in Sydney there are many tollways so make sure you are covered before you drive off.

Mostly common sense prevails. If you check everything carefully and are aware of your obligations, then you will enjoy your sports car rental in every way.